Ijtamai Qurbani 2020 Ijtamai Qurbani 2020

Social Work Ramzan Chhipa as Trustee Ijtamai Qurbani 2020

Donate the Hides, Skins & Meat of
Sacrificial Animals to Chhipa Welfare

One Share in Cow: Rs. 8,000/-
Single Cow: Rs. 56,000/-
Single Goat: Rs. 12,000/-

Ijtamai Qurbani 2020

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CHHIPA WELFARE, a non-profit welfare organization in Pakistan, imbued with a noble mission, having sincere love and affection for the humanity and a strong commitment to serve the COMMON PEOPLE without any discrimination.

One Goal One Mission. Where Humanity Comes First

Muhammad Ramzan Chhipa

The Distinguished Eminent Social Worker with courage and selfless devotion to serve mankind, irrespective of caste, creed, sect or beliefs.

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Chhipa Ijtamai Qurbani 2020