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One mission.
One goal.

We are a Registered and Recognised Entity

CHHIPA WELFARE, a non-profit welfare organization in Pakistan, imbued with a noble mission, having sincere love and affection for the humanity and a strong commitment to serve the COMMON PEOPLE without discrimination of any caste, creed or colour under all circumstances, where frequent road accidents, sudden events and emergencies daily occur.

Ramzan Chhipa
Ramzan Chhipa

Chhipa Humanitarian Services

Chhipa Ambulance

The beacon of these enormous services started with a small fleet of ambulances. CHHIPA AMBULANCE SERVICE, which now has the largest fleet of ambulances, equipped with first aid box and oxygen cylinder, serving the Mega City of Karachi and other regions of Pakistan, on alert around the clock for Rapid Rescue and Relief to seriously injured victims of road accidents, train collisions, air crash, building collapses, disasters and calamities, transporting the sick to hospitals, unidentified, abandoned, decomposed and mutilated bodies lying in drains and sewers, are all taken care off by Chhipa volunteers.

Chhipa Kitchen

Equipped with automatic bread baking plants and cooks meals in large quantity.

Chhipa Dastarkhwan

In these hard times of poverty, unemployment, low wages amid escalating rate of inflation, the poor people are suffering the most. They find it most difficult to earn enough to feed their kith and kin and provide them with clothing and education. To offer solace and relief to the poor, CHHIPA DASTARKHAWAN located at CHHIPA CENTRES across the city, serves 50,000 meals twice daily to the poor deserving and those who cannot afford to buy food, with dignity and upholding their self-respect.

Chhipa Monthly Ration

In these hard times and rising costs, poor families suffer the most. CHHIPA RATION provides monthly subsistence for groceries and sundry worth Rs.2,000/-

Chhipa Morgue

Unidentified, unclaimed and abandoned bodies are kept at the CHHIPA MORGUE till burial.

Chhipa Ritual Bathing Room

Ghusal & Kaffan for unidentified, unclaimed and abandoned bodies.

Chhipa Free Ghusal Kaffan

CHHIPA offers free Ghusal & Kaffan to all stratum of society.

Chhipa Mobile Morgue

Where large number of dead bodies from far flung areas can be preserved and transported.

Chhipa Graveyard

After Ghusl & Kaffan, unidentified, unclaimed and abandoned bodies are buried at the CHHIPA GRAVEYARD.

Chhipa Jhoola

No one can tolerate the sight of an unwanted, disbanded new born baby lying in the trash and dumpsters. To prevent infanticide such newborn babies can be placed at Jhoola set up at different CHHIPA CENTRES.

Chhipa Homes

The Umbrella under which various humanitarian services are provided such as sheltering the abandoned newborn babies placed in the JHOOLA at CHHIPA Centres, the Orphanage, the Old Home, the Women Shelter and Home for Children with Special needs.

Chhipa Home for Newborn

Provides lovingly care to newborn babies placed at CHHIPA JHOOLA.

Chhipa Orphanage

To help children in distress who are orphaned, are taken care and provided with all the necessities for their upbringing.

Chhipa Old Home

Established to care for Senior Citizens, who need Professional and Loving care in their golden years.

Chhipa Women Shelter

For those women in need of shelter and services to provide refuge and ultimately help them transition into a healthy, safe, and normal life.

Chhipa Home for Special Children

Special children are looked after and taken with utmost care for their special needs. The poor, needy and handicapped are provided free-of-cost wheel chairs, crutches, artificial limbs, prosthesis, etc.