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Chhipa Kitchen

What does it take to prepare food for thousands of people who in these hard times of poverty, unemployment, low-wages and escalating rate of inflation, are suffering the most for their daily meals.

CHHIPA KITCHEN has the state-of-the-art preparation, processing and cooking equipment and skilled manpower, putting in pure hard work and dedication. A mega kitchen that stands out from the others is the CHHIPA KITCHEN–– with its automatic Roti plants that churn out Roti (flat bread) and which prepares 50,000 timely meals––TWICE daily to the poor and deserving, with a daily change in the menu.

The food is prepared in the most hygienic conditions. The hygienically prepared meals are prepared under the watchful eyes of Quality Control Managers.

Social Worker Muhammad Ramzan Chhipa has taken humanity to a different level with this Mega task.