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The Distinguished Eminent Social Worker

Muhammad Ramzan Chhipa

The Distinguished Eminent Social Worker with courage and selfless devotion to serve mankind, irrespective of caste, creed, sect or beliefs.

God created human beings, He gave them life, and along with happiness, also came sufferings and hardships. Urgent needs for relief and rescue at times of Road accidents, train collisions,explosions, disasters and calamities. Besides God, man also looks towards his fellow human beings in such times of sufferings. The one person, none other than the distinguished eminent social worker Muhammad Ramzan Chhipa, who once lived a princely life, sacrificed all his worldly possessions, abandoned his desires, chose to live a simple life, commencing by wearing simple plain clothes and white slippers. To show his patriotism, love and dedication for Pakistan, he always wears green color.After the most horrific incident, that consolidated his will to carry on his mission, was in 1987, when Karachi was rocked by two bomb blasts in the Saddar area, causing the deaths and injuries of hundreds, he was shocked by the horrible scenes he witnessed at the local hospitals, when victims in large numbers were drenched in pools of blood and agony. He then took up the sacred task to serve humanitarian causes, held up the mantle and thus, he formerly founded and headed the CHHIPA WELFARE ASSOCIATION (Regd.) a purely non-governmental/non-political entity vowing to serve humanity, irrespective of caste, creed, color, sect or religion, which is registered by the Government of Pakistan and Government of Sindh vide Registration No: DSW(2068)-K and National Tax No. 2205404-9.


Ramzan Chhipa has many awards to his credit.

Development Leadership Award
8th August, 2023

23rd March, 2023

Governor Award
18th February, 2022

Commendation Award
8th May, 2021

14th August, 2016

Dedication of a Road
16th September, 2014

Honorary Membership of Karachi Press Club
16th March, 2014

Gold Medal
22nd June, 2013

Sitara-e Imtiaz
23rd March, 2013

He started his welfare services from a small room, in the city’s busy business district, his mission to serve mankind and provide comfort and mental solace to the poor. He first spent his entire pocket money to start his mission of serving humanity and at that time he chose Pakistan largest Civil Hospital in Karachi, where he stood day and night and helped the poor injured patients with medicines, which they could not afford and burial service for those who lacked money to perform burial of the dead. In acknowledgement of his grand sacred mission, he was poured with countless and continued assistance from the philanthropists, business community and general public. On his appeal, the rich well-off citizens and philanthropists assisted him to raise the ailing humanity. This help and support encouraged and exhorted Mr. Chhipa to further expand his humanitarian services.

In frequent road accidents, sudden disaster, heat stroke, bomb blast, firing, stamped, heavy rain, train collision, building and bridge collapse, unexpected event and emergency, his Chhipa Ambulances equipped with first-aid box, oxygen cylinder and paramedics hurriedly rush and always reach the spots FIRST to the rescue of suffering people and for providing them immediate help. Normally his Chhipa Ambulances day and night 24 hours remain engaged on roads every day in lifting and shifting the seriously wounded, accidentally injured, needy, sick, burnt out and cut off victims, emergency patients, partially decomposed bodies and dead bodies to hospitals & medical centres in attempts to save the valuable lives. The Rescue Team of his Chhipa Ambulance daily saves innumerable precious human lives. You may log on to website for more information.

In all the past tragic events of bomb blasts, stampedes, big fires, train collisions, building and bridge collapses, emergency and vast devastations, CHHIPA AMBULANCES hurriedly rushed and reached the spots FIRST to the rescue of disturbed and suffering people and played important roles in helping and saving the valuable human lives, which were greatly admired by local and foreign media and highly appreciated by general public.

Presently his welfare organization has a large fleet of over 500 CHHIPA AMBULANCES, fully manned by CHHIPA VOLUNTEERS and equipped with first aid boxes and oxygen cylinders and are stationed at over 150 CHHIPA AMBULANCE EMERGENCY CENTRES in prominent and vital places, on various roundabouts and near Government Hospitals across Karachi city and other regions of Pakistan, for providing immediate help and assistance to the needy, sick, suffering people and emergency patients while the responding time is within
05 minutes. Chhipa Ambulances are always on the alert and ready to meet any emergency situation.

By the passage of time, Ramzan Chhipa continued to add more facilities to his welfare service and today he is known for his services and the government of Pakistan has in admiration to his astounding services conferred upon him the highest civil award, the Sitara-e Imtiaz.

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