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Chhipa Orphanage

CHHIPA ORPHANAGE is set up to care for children in distress who are orphaned and provide them with all the necessities for their upbringing and keep a positive impact on their life. Chhipa Orphanage meets the basic needs of giving them the standard of living and support for their happiness. The need of a safe place to live and pursue their educational and life-skills. Here the focus is on providing the best that every orphan deserves––a healthy start and the opportunity to learn. An effort that will never deprive them of many things and handed boxes with love full of toys, which they treasure. Such gifts make a big difference in their lives and the self perception that someone loves and cares for them. They feel a sense of belonging and acceptance when it all comes from Social Worker Muhammad Ramzan Chhipa by providing his continuous care and support for these orphans in need. Giving them the loving attention as would have been provided by their parents.

Chhipa Orphanage provides education to the orphans––where the curriculum taught––allows them to have greater knowledge and open up opportunities when they become adults. Our aim is to make them successful in life.

The Orphanage is housed in a beautiful building with an integrated kitchen, spacious rooms, a school and a playground. The health, hygiene and safety of the orphans being the utmost priority.

The peers are always aware of introducing new impressions like games and stories. The ethical values give them support, hope and guidance in their young lives.