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Sadqa & Aqiqa Goats

Sadqa (a form of voluntary charity with special intention and for a specific purpose), proves to be a shield for the safety of your life & property and for those on whose behalf it is offered. Sadqa repels & averts all sorts of un-expected calamities, sudden disasters, mental agonies, worries, anxieties, perplexities, tensions and anguish and also gives spiritual power to boost early recovery from illnesses.

So please keep offering Sadqa.

Our Donation Appeals

Goats are preferably offered as Sadqa and for performing Aqiqa (thanks-giving for a new born––2 goats for a male and 1 for a female.). Since goats are expensive in the cattle markets and to facilitate people intending to offer goats as Sadqa and Aqiqa, Chhipa Welfare Association has ensured 24 hours availability of goats, at affordable prices, at all Chhipa Ambulance Centers across Karachi City. Anyone can also get the goat sacrificed at any Chhipa Ambulance Center. People can also slaughter the goat by their own hands or by us in their presence.

On just a call away, you can get Sadqa & Aqiqa goats delivered at your doorstep. Our representative will personally visit and provide you with an official receipt. Cash payments against Sadqa & Aqiqa goats can be made at any Chhipa Ambulance Center.

Payments can also be made by cash or via crossed cheque at Chhipa Head Office, at all Chhipa Centres, or at Chhipa Booths or send by post, or pay ONLINE via Credit Card on Chhipa Website.

In case of absence of the person offering Sadqa, the goat is immediately slaughtered after receiving the price of the goat at Chhipa Head Office and you will be informed instantly.

People intending to offer goats for Sadqa or Aqiqa, but living in far flung areas or for our Overseas Pakistanis residing abroad, we will sacrifice the goat at our Head Office Slaughter House, after offering special prayer or at any specific time you wish and thereafter send you our Acknowledgement via Email or SMS for confirmation.

You may also contact Chhipa Welfare Association through UAN: +92-21-111-92-1020 or 1020 around the clock.