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Chhipa Ritual Bathing Room

Among the different humanitarian services provided by CHHIPA WELFARE, is an important, all-embracing Ritual Bathing and Shrouding of the dead. This is carried out at the Chhipa Ritual Bathing Room where the atmosphere around the deceased is simple and peaceful and is clean and secluded. People bringing their dead for Ritual Bathing find comfort and assurance in entrusting the body to our volunteers who provide service of the highest standard. This service is provided to all stratum of society irrespective of caste, creed, colour, sect or religion. Privacy for the deceased is upheld at all times during the Ghusal, which is a crucial and important requirement. Aromatic herbs, camphor or perfume is always on hand for the final wash.

Shrouding (Kaffan) starts immediately after washing the body of the deceased. The facility has pre-cut and packed shrouds (Kaffan) for males and females. They are placed and folded in the order of use so when the pack is opened and unfolded it is ready to be used in the correct order.

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