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Chhipa Dastarkhawan

In these hard times of poverty, unemployment, low wages amid escalating rate of inflation, the poor people are suffering the most. They find it most difficult to earn enough to feed their kith and kin and provide them with clothing and education.

To offer solace and relief to the poor, CHHIPA DASTARKHAWAN––located at CHHIPA CENTRES across the city, serves 50,000 meals twice daily to the poor and deserving and those who cannot afford to buy food ––with dignity and upholding their self-respect.

CHHIPA WELFARE ASSOCIATION took upon itself this responsibility for providing free cooked meals to more than 50,000 indigent citizens of Pakistan. For this noble cause, Chhipa Welfare Association established the state-of-the-art CHHIPA KITCHEN with fully automatic bread-baking plant, which works around the clock. Chhipa Welfare Association ensures supply of cooked meals to CHHIPA DASTARKHAWAN at hundreds of its centres and ambulance booths across Karachi where people in need gather and are served with complete self-respect.

Our Donation Appeals

However, for this benevolent cause CHHIPA DASTARKHAWAN is solely dependent on public donations as it costs millions to feed starving people in large numbers twice daily.

CHHIPA WELFARE ASSOCIATION needs uninterrupted supply of funds required to keep its KICTHEN and DASTARKHAWAN running for the noble cause of serving humanity and hence, incessantly appeals to the philanthropists and general public at large to add their share, enabling Chhipa Welfare Association to continue with its free-of-cost food programme.