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Chhipa Jhoola

No one can tolerate the unbearable sight of an unwanted, disbanded new born baby lying in the trash and dumpsters. Some people are also compelled to disown their legitimate child, due to social taboos, poverty, lack of family planning, especially indigent families having many children.

It is the God given right of every child to live and none have the moral or legal right to commit infanticide. It is mostly children born out of wedlock that are victims of such brutal act of murdering the innocent child, which also tantamount to killing the whole humanity.

Social Worker Ramzan Chhipa, who has been proactive and vociferously vocal for the rights of such unwanted children and through years of toiling, created awareness for protection of unwanted children and by his firm conceptualization evolved The Chhipa Jhoola (Cradle).

His efforts worked wonders and raised the awareness of the people and made them realize the cruelty towards infanticide and discouraged them from throwing any new born (legitimate or illegitimate) in garbage bins, filthy lanes and sewage drains, on any pretext. 

Such disbanded infants born out of wedlock and which were mostly preyed upon by stray dogs, wild cats and rodents, did not further prevail as Chhipa Jhoola were set up at all Chhipa Ambulance Emergency Centres across Karachi for placing the unwanted child without any fear and embarrassment or being questioned.

Social Worker Ramzan Chhipa is the first legal guardian until after a married childless couple is handed the infant for adoption. Chhipa Welfare Association maintains the complete record and the legality of all such unwanted children that are placed in Chhipa Jhoola. After the married childless couple has been selected by the Chhipa Adoption Board, the child is then handed over to them in a simple adoption ceremony at the Chhipa Head Office. After that Social Worker Ramzan Chhipa regularly visits the homes of the adopting parents and monitors the well-being and upbringing of the adopted child.

Thereafter, many well-off and educated childless married couples who were interested and willing to adopt such unwanted infants, stepped forward and registered with Chhipa Welfare Association. In waiting, there are innumerable applications for adoption, which after––thorough scrutiny and approval––by Chhipa Adoption Board, are handed the infant for adoption.