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February 28, 2013

Two new born were dropped into the Chhipa Palna (Cradle)

Two new born were dropped into the Chhipa Palna (Cradle) whom the Chhipa Welfare Association patron-in-chief and eminent human rights activist Ramzan Chhipa had handed over to a couple that had no biological child from their marriage. The handing over of the new born was performed in a simple but a splendid ceremony held at a local hospital. Imran Ghayas and Mrs. Saira Imran had adopted the new born.

“Ramzan Chhipa” had on the occasion took oath from the couple that they would play their role as the true parents to rear the child and leave no efforts regarding imparting best education and provisioning of best resources for the living.

He also suggested Amina as new name of the new born.

On the occasion, a number of couples had requested him to let them adopt a child but they were refused and were told that the Chhipa always followed the suggestions and recommendations from its advisory board and then a couple that would have qualified was allowed to proceed for the adoption.

The advisory board looks into the adoption criteria cases to case and after attaining satisfaction that the suitable could had strong financial position to spend on child’s education and other needs was preferred to adopt the child.

Ramzan Chhipa also suggested that those that wanted to adopt a child should contact Chhipa Welfare Association on helpline number 1020 and simultaneously should apply in letter for their desire. They should visit the Chhipa Welfare Association headquarters located opposite to FTC on Shahra-e Faisal for early consideration.