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July 14, 2013

Social Worker Ramzan Chhipa holds an unwanted child with profound affection

Social Worker Ramzan Chhipa holds an unwanted child with profound affection


Eminent human rights activist, social worker and Chhipa welfare Association patron-in-chief Ramzan Chhipa said the “Chhipa Palna” (Cradle) was not only a cradle for the unwanted child but it was, as a matter of fact, a caring lap of a mother. Countless married women that could not reproduce offspring had attained the true sense of being a mother by adopting the unwanted children, from the “Chhipa Palna” to their laps.

Those unwanted children that were abandoned due to any reason were given to those married couple that did not have their biological children and were longing for a child and those thus adopted by such parents were in good care, attention and were provided with best available resources for their education, health and recreation.

This he said on the occasion of taking an unwanted child into his custody from the “Chhipa Centre” In-charge. The child was recovered from the Chhipa Palna that was installed at the Chhipa Centre located in Cattle Colony in Bin Qasim.

“Ramzan Chhipa” had shifted the child to a nearby hospital for the required medical assistance. The child improved and was in stable condition.

Ramzan Chhipa while expressing his grave concern over recovery of 6 bodies of unwanted children appealed to the parents of unwanted children not to eliminate them but allow the “Chhipa Welfare” to take them into its custody, Parents of unwanted children should place their unwanted children in Chhipa Palna.

The “Chhipa Welfare” would take care of such unwanted children and would ensure safe adoption of such children to the hands of caring married couples for their living as human. The unwanted children thus adopted by the married couples that could not reproduce their biological child through their marriages are allowed to adopt them.