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September 6, 2012

Sacrifices of Martyrs ensured a free nation and a sovereign country: Ramzan Chhipa

Eminent Human Rights activist and Patron-in-Chief of the Chhipa Welfare Association (CWA) Ramzan Chhipa has said that the nation has to stand united for the defence of the country as they had done during Pak-India war of 1965. The nation has to stand united for making the country prosperous, self-reliant and a welfare state. This he said on the occasion of a special ceremony held at the CWA headquarters in Karachi for offering Fateha (Prayers) to the departed souls of the great soldiers and martyrs of Pak Army on the occasion of Defence day, the 6th September.

Earlier, Ramzan Chhipa paid tribute to the martyrs of Pak-india war of 1965 and laid floral wreath to the tombs of the martyrs at the Military and civilian graveyards especially on the tombs of Shaheed Leut. Miandad Khan, Shaheed Muhammad sadiq, Shaheed Ghulam Kurtaza, Shaheed Athar Hussain, Shaheed Faqeer Muhammad and unidentified martyrs of the Pak-India war of 1965.

Speaking on the occasion, Ramzan Chhipa said that the freedom that the nation enjoyed today was the result of unprecedented sacrifices of the great soldiers and martyrs and their sacrifices could never be forgotten.

He said that it was the duty of the entire nation to vow that they would never hesitate offering any sacrifice for the defence of the motherland, Pakistan.