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March 11, 2012

Ramzan Chhipa’s struggle fights against infants genocide

Ramzan Chhipa's struggle fights against infants genocide

An unwanted child whom the “Chhipa Welfare Association” (CWA) had found dropped in the “Chhipa Cradle” was named as “Rashid” after National Hero, ‘Rahid Minhas’ the legend Pakistani pilot who had offered his life for the defence of the country, was handed over to a family that adopted the child.

In this regard a ceremony was held at a local hospital where the child was admitted for emergency medical care immediately after his recovery.

According to details, CWA volunteers had found a child was dropped in Chhipa cradle at its centre located in Surjani Town. On receiving information that a child was found, eminent human rights activists and CWA Patron-in-Chief “Ramzan Chhipa” had rushed to the scene and took the child in his custody and shifted him to a nearby private medical hospital for urgent medical care. Doctors at the hospital had examined the child and declared him safe and healthy.

Later on, the child was delivered to a married couple that had already approached the “CWA” for adopting a child as the couple was lacking a child after marriage. Syed Humair Zameer and his wife Syeda Tabinda Humair received the child from “Ramzan Chhipa.” On the occasion, Tabinda could not control her sentiments. She was longing for a child since past 7 years after marriage but she did not conceive for a child.

“Ramzan Chhipa on the occasion, took oath from the adopting parents that they would never allow a situation to be created for the child that it was not their biological child but would spare no efforts in rearing him as favoured Pakistani national while they would ensure provisioning of all the best for his grooming as regards to education and skills so that the child could prove an asset to the nation and the world.”

The adopting parents vowed that they would never allow any situation to be created to undermine the child and would rear him as their own biological child. They would do their best tom impart best education as well as Islamic education that always preached for peace and tranquility and service to the mankind, they further vowed.