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March 8, 2012

Ramzan Chhipa urges women to play their role for country’s prosperity

Ramzan Chhipa urges women to play their role for country's prosperity

Chhipa Welfare Association (CWA) Patron-in-Chief and eminent human rights activist “Ramzan Chhipa” has said that Pakistan earnestly needed women’s active participation in the process of making the country a welfare and prosperous state as they had done during the period of struggle for the creation of the country. It was imperative that women should come forward and add their share to the upliftment of the country beside male populous in the country.

Women should vow now to spare no effort for taking the country to the apex of development and a prosperous country on the canvas of the world developed countries.

He was talking to a 5-member delegation of eminent women at the “CWA” headquarter in Karachi. The delegation was led by Saweera Ali while Shagufta Ahmed, Nasreen Siddiqui, Nausheen Rizvi and Fehmida Adil were in the delegation.

“Ramzan Chhipa” said that since the day of the struggle for the creation of the country till date, the women had played a pivotal role, which was as much vital as was done by the male population. Their role regarding various achievements was highly laudable and was acknowledged with due esteem.

“However, female populous in the rural areas of the country were in need of a saviour, who could take them out from the variety of injustices and tyrannies. Once they are taken on board, the country would enter into a promising stage of stability and prosperity, he commented.”

He urged upon the delegation that they should join hands with the CWA in its struggle it has launched for the betterment of deprived women populous of the country.