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March 23, 2014

Ramzan Chhipa urges students to focus just on education

Ramzan Chhipa urges students to focus just on education

Ref: CWA/HO-311

Eminent social worker Ramzan Chhipa Pakistan has a brighter future and the youth is the key to that prosperous and brighter future of Pakistan. Therefore, the youth should only concentrate on acquiring knowledge in lines with objectives for taking the country beyond the skies in terms of expertise in modern technology. The youth should also focus on service to humanity and should prepare for playing as role model for the people across the world.

He expressed these views while addressing the annual ceremony of the City School PECHS Campus at a local community hall.

Earlier, on arriving at the City School at its PECHS Campus, the management of the said school warmly received him and the Head Mistress of the City School Zehra Tariq and other members of the teaching faculty presented floral bouquet to him. Students of City School welcomed Ramzan Chhipa by playing national songs and later played the instrumental national anthem.

Ramzan Chhipa had felt great pleasure while being surrounded by young children and offered his autograph. Children put questions about his life, his mission of serving humanity and his social services network.

Ramzan Chhipa in his formal address to the audience of the ceremony said that it was very unfortunate that the literacy rate in Pakistan was still below the needs of the country and hence we were lagging behind as compared to other countries that had reached the heightened rate of literacy. Therefore, it was imperative that our students should dedicated their live for acquiring best education and also impart their services for educating those children that were not attending schools due to poverty and lack of resources.

He said that it would be natural for any student to dream of becoming a doctor or an engineer and attain a high social status in the society but when they would add in their future plans that they would also educated the deprived and serve the indigent, they would attain the real height of happiness and comfort.

He said that students could only bring a change in the country and they should keep this idea in their minds that they are the architect of a brilliant, modern and prosperous Pakistan.

Later, the management of the City School presented a certificate of appreciation and a souvenir to Ramzan Chhipa in appreciation to his astounding services for humanity.

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