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January 6, 2016

Ramzan Chhipa performs child adopting ceremony

Eminent Human Rights activist and Chhipa welfare Association (CWA) Patron-in-Chief , “Ramzan Chhipa” has fulfilled his commitment he had made to a poor mother, who had requested him to ensure well-off custodians for her daughter for a better raising and future.

According to details, A poor woman had approached the “CWA” headquarters with her daughter with a purpose of well-being of her daughter as she was unable to raise her daughter due to poverty. She had appealed to Ramzan Chhipa that her daughter should be given in custody of a married couple that could ensure meeting all expenses to be accrued on her raising.

“Ramzan Chhipa” had taken the newborn into his custody and got her admitted in a private hospital for complete medical examination and treatment if required.

Later, on Sunday, The newborn was handed over to a married couple that had already approached the CWA for adopting a child as the couple had no child from their marriage. In this regard, a simple but an august ceremony was held at the local hospital where the newborn was admitted.

The adopting process was completed and the married couple, Suhail Shabbir and Mrs. Mahmooda Suhail took the child into their custody and vowed to raise the child as their own child.

On the occasion, Ramzan Chhipa conducted usual oath-taking ceremony and the adopting couple had sworn in that they would create any situation, which might deprive the child of its right for better education and all the best for her life.

The couple had been married for 14 years but they could not reproduce a child from their marriage and were eager to adopt a child from CWA. The couple expressed their pleasure on having adopted the child.

The couple had as gesture of pleasure offered sweet among the people that had were present on the occasion.