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August 19, 2013

Ramzan Chhipa Addresses a Press Conference About The Future of The Abandoned Child At CWA

Ramzan Chhipa Addresses a Press Conference About The Future of The Abandoned Child At CWA

The Chhipa Palna (Cradle) was not only a steel cradle but represented the lap of a mother for those abandoned children that were dropped at the dumpsters by their biological parents, who did not have the courage to own and rear them. The infants that the Chhipa Welfare had recovered from Chhipa Palna were being reared and nourished and provided with best available resources for a better living by those that had adopted the abandoned children from the Chhipa Welfare.

Social worker Ramzan Chhipa said this while talking to media Monday at the Chhipa headquarters in Karachi on the occasion of World humanitarian Day being celebrated on Aug 19 every year and presenting an abandoned infant that was recovered from the Chhipa Palna from a dumpster in Defence Housing Authority (DHA) before the media.

Chhipa said that the infant was dropped with intense callosity and a passerby had on hearing the cries of the infant informed the Chhipa and thus the abandoned infant was shifted to a hospital for onward medical care where the infant was taken care well and was improving fast.

He said that on complete recovery, the Chhipa Welfare would decide to allow an appropriate married coupe to adopt and own the abandoned child after thorough analysis of that married couple. For that purpose, the Chhipa Welfare advisory board had initiated its process for evaluating the appropriate married couple for the adoption and on completion of that process; the abandoned child would be handed to that married couple selected for the adoption.

He said that dropping children at the dumpsters was a serious violation of the human rights so the people should refrain from committing such violations and should avoid dropping them at dumpsters dead or alive. Those that did not want to keep their unwanted children should rather drop them in the Chhipa Cradles quite silently so that the Chhipa Welfare should play its role for their life under those married couple that deserved them through adoption.