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May 5, 2012

Lap of Mother first learning institute of world: Ramzan Chhipa

Lap of Mother first learning institute of world: Ramzan Chhipa

The lap of a mother is the primitive teaching institute where the mankind gets the initial lesson about basics of everything that would help grow with the society. The delicacy of attitude dealing with the people is taught here in the lap of mother, which is also linked with the divine’s mercy. Henceforth, it was obligatory for all humans to respect mothers from the inner cores of heart. Respecting mothers is the key to every success in the world and hereinafter.

Eminent human rights activist and Patron-in-Chief of the Chhipa Welfare association, “Ramzan Chhipa” expressed these views while talking to a 20-member delegation of students led by Shirin Fatima. Umair Ali, Najmi Saeed, Tahira Najam, Ovais Ur Rrehman, Furqan Hashmi, Farhan Khalil, Madiha Jamil, Saeed Ajmal and others were present on the occasion.

He said that mother was like a tree that always covered children them with her affection and catered to their needs through thick and thin. Mother is a gift from the divine, which had no parallel. Every effort should be made to look after mothers because serving mothers is the sure key of success.

Meanwhile, the delegation visited the “Chhipa” free food services centres being established in nook and cranny of the city and witnessed the procedures involved in serving the mankind that suffered from poverty and hunger.

Ramzan Chhipa had on the occasion, served the food from his hands and also listened to their problems and assured them of possible solution of their grievances.

“Ramzan Chhipa” also presented gifts to the delegation under the theme of ‘Salute to Mothers’ on the occasion of ‘World Mothers day’.