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November 17, 2017

Chhipa saves infants from becoming extinct

Chhipa saves infants from becoming extinct

Ref: CWA/HO-380

Chhipa saves infants from becoming extinct

Karachi. An unwanted infant was dropped into Chhipa Jhoola (Cradle), available at every Chhipa Centre and headquarters with a purpose of prevention of infanticide especially of unwanted infants.

Caring doctors’ team has examined the infant and declared it as healthy and out of danger. The infant has now been shifted to Chhipa Home, another landmark service of Chhipa Welfare for the homeless citizens. The caretakers of the Chhipa Home are taking good care of the infant.

earlier, Chhipa Welfare’s patron-in-chief Social Worker Muhammad Ramzan Chhipa had met the team of doctors and enquired about health of the infant and was satisfied on knowing that it had no life risk and was perfectly healthy.

As per Chhipa’s strategy for the welfare of the unwanted child, “Chhipa Advisory Board” has now started analyzing appropriate married couple for onward process of handing the unwanted infant. There are numerous applicants/ married couples that lack offspring from their marriages and are desirous of adopting a child. They are now being scrutinized. Chhipa always ensures that only the meritorious married couple qualifies for child adoption.

On completion of ongoing scrutiny, Chhipa would formally allow the meritorious married couple to adopt the infant.

it would be pertinent to mention that Chhipa has played a key role in prevention of infanticide but has also ensured their safety and bright future under the care of adopting parents.


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