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August 26, 2012

Chhipa save another unwanted child, ensures safe adoption

Chhipa Welfare Association (CWA) has handed over an unwanted newborn baby to the desirous couple that opted the child as parent. The unwanted baby was found in “Chhipa Cradle” a few days ago. Patron-in-Chief of CWA, Ramzan Chhipa had immediately shifted the child to a nearby hospital for emergency medical care.

On having recovered, a ceremony of adopting the child was performed at the hospital where Muhammad Adil and his wife Humera Adil had adopted the child. The couple that had adopted the child had already applied for the child, as the CWA had already delivered so many unwanted children to the desirous couples after taking the unwanted children into the custody from the Chhipa cradles. On the occasion, traditional sweets were distributed among the people.

“Ramzan Chhipa” presented a flower bouquet to the adopting couple and took oath from them that they would spare no effort in rearing the adopted child as their own child and would provide best opportunities for the recreation, education and training in all fields of life.

The adopted child was named as Ayesha.