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October 11, 2013

Chhipa Press Release

Chhipa Press Release

Ref: CWA/HO-304

Human Rights activist and eminent social worker Ramzan Chhipa (S.I) said that respect and dignity is blessing of the Almighty Allah; henceforth, nobody in this world has any right to insult anyone and in this regard, the younger generation should apply the philosophy of ‘Give Respect – Gain Respect’ and should pay respect to the seniors and elderly.

He expressed these views while addressing an assembly of students at the Beaconhouse School System – Primary-III, PECHS on the occasion of World Global Dignity Day, which would be commemorated on October 16. The ceremony was organised earlier owing to coming holidays.

Students presented Ramzan Chhipa bouquets on his arrival at the school. Later, students performed at the tableau and played the national anthem in a colourful ceremony, which he had attended.

A student performer had presented him in the disguise of Ramzan Chhipa as he had worn a Jinnah Cap and green attire. Having come to know it was the birthday of their guest, Ramzan Chhipa, students wished him a very happy birthday.

Ramzan Chhipa had students joined together. He responded to queries of the students and offered his autograph. He told the students that the regard and dignity were unavoidable for any nation as they could portray the real discipline; hence, it was imperative that we should promote a culture of paying regards to other so that we may improve our image at the international level.

On the occasion, the group head mistress the school, Rifat Naseer and headmistress Mrs. Tarana Zafar also addressed.

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