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August 12, 2017

Chhipa Press Release

Ref: CWA/HO-379

Dr Ramzan Chhipa pays rich tribute to Dr Ruth Pfau on her everlasting services.

KARACHI. Aug 12, 2017: Eminent rights activist Dr Muhammad Ramzan Chhipa (S.I) has said that Dr Ruth Katherina Martha Pfau was a blessing of the Almighty for Pakistan as she served the country untiringly and it was only due to her profound love and affection with the country and the people that Pakistan was in 1996 declared a ‘Leprosy free country’ in the world.

It would be appropriate that the government of Pakistan should set up a monument in commemoration to her highly laudable services for the people of Pakistan.

Dr Chhipa said this in a statement issued from Chhipa Welfare Association (CWA) head office here in Karachi on Saturday.

He said Dr Pfau was though a German but she had acquired unparallel of patriotism as Pakistani and was a very courageous lady with complete manifest of loyalty. In fact, she was a portrait and a symbol of dedication, struggle, compassion and service to humanity.

He said that until 1960, people affected from leprosy were considered something untouchable and hence they were left alone in deserted lands, in the woods, dropped in dried wells but Dr Pfau, who came to Pakistan showed mercy on those leprosy affected people, lived with them and started treating them with medicines and finally not only created a sense of living as normal humans but also taught the normal people to stay with the leprosy affected people.

Dr Chhipa said that in those days, leprosy was a fast spreading problem in Pakistan but Dr Pfau worked day and night to make Pakistan a Leprosy-Free country and she did it on which she can never be thanked enough.

He said that Dr Pfau was the founder of Dr Ruth Foundation in Pakistan and she was a minaret of light and hope. The sad demise of her has created a gap, which can never be filled.

It is, however, imperative that the government of Pakistan should take steps forward for making the new and coming generations aware of Dr Pfau’s grand services for Pakistan and a monument should be set up in her loving memory.


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