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February 1, 2014

Chhipa Press Release

Chhipa Press Release

Chhipa Foundation volunteer and senior ambulance driver Lal Muhammad embraced martyrdom on Saturday in Lyari. He was hit by a stray bullet, which proved fatal.

Other volunteers of Chhipa Foundation had drowned deep in grief over his tragic and sudden death and had swarmed at the Civil Hospital Karachi to catch a glimpse of their colleague, who had sacrificed his life for the noble cause of serving the humanity. The volunteers expressed their condolences to the members of the aggrieved family of the martyred Chhipa Foundation volunteer Lal Muhammad.

The eminent social worker and patron-in-chief of Chhipa Foundation Ramzan Chhipa had rushed to the Civil Hospital Karachi and moved the stretcher of the martyred volunteer to his eternal abode. He hugged the family members of the martyred volunteer and expressed his condolence to them.

Later while talking to the newsmen, he said that Lal Muhammad was not the first one, who was hit by a stray bullet but Gul Wahab another volunteer had also lost his life after he was also hit with an stray bullet in Agra Taj Colony of Lyari.

He said that many volunteers had sustained injuries during their welfare works for the noble cause of service to the humanity, which was not a good sign.

He said that Chhipa Foundation volunteers had been in field for saving lives of the people irrespective to their political affiliations, cast, creed or colour and such a brutal and tragic treatment with the volunteers should not occur.

Ramzan Chhipa said that the volunteers lift the injured from road sides and carry them to nearby hospitals so that their lives could be saved but sadly, the volunteers had fallen victim of bullets and many suffered injuries and finally lost their lives. The martyred volunteer was among those, who had saved lives of hundreds while ignoring serious danger and untoward situations of arson and carnage, riots and armed clashes but he fell victim.

Chhipa Foundation would salute to the martyred volunteer for his gallantry and services he offered to the humanity. Chhipa Foundation would also continue to serving the people under any challenging circumstances, he vowed.

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