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December 25, 2013

Chhipa Press Release

Chhipa Press Release

Ref: CWA/HO-308

Eminent social worker Ramzan Chhipa (S.I) said that all the Messengers of God had unanimously preached the respect for humanity; hence, it was imperative to follow that preaching for making the world a place of peace and tranquility

Chhipa Welfare after taking such children in its custody manages to locate a family that would own such children under stern conditions that the adopting family would own the child as their own child and would take all care regarding their rearing in a promising manner.

This he said while talking to The Bishop of Karachi Joseph Cots at the Arch Bishop House in Saint Patrick Cathedral Church in Karachi.

Eerier, Ramzan Chhipa presented a floral bouquet to the Bishop Cots and had warmly hugged him. He cut the Christmas cake on the occasion and talked about matters of mutual interest, inter-religion harmony and others.

He said that the confrontation among followers of different religion, unrest and hatred was owing to ignoring the basic teachings of all religion that pertained to respecting the humans irrespective to their belief.

He said that the world could only be a place of peace and tranquility if the preaching of the Messengers of God was followed in letter and spirit.

On the occasion, the Bishop of Karachi while declaring the philosophy of the humanity as the key part of the Christianity asked the Christian community to fulfill their commitment for following the respect to humanity.

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