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December 11, 2013

Chhipa Press Release

Chhipa Press Release

Ref: CWA/HO-307

Chhipa Welfare has ensured safe adoption of an unwanted child while the married couple that had adopted the child had vowed to provide all the best resources to the child for attaining highest place in the society after studying medicine and becoming a doctor.

The unwanted child was found abandoned in the city and was taken into custody by the Patron-in-chief of the Chhipa Welfare. The unwanted child was immediately shifted to a hospital for urgent medical care where doctors took care of the child.

The ceremony for the adoption was held at the Chhipa Welfare headquarters and the married couple that could not reproduce offspring from their marriagefor 11 years was delivered the child. Rizwan Alam Memon and Mrs. Shabana Rizwan Memon adopted the child.On the occasion, Ramzan Chhipa took the child in his lap and prayed for the longevity of life. The child was named as Sakina.

Ramzan Chhipa on the occasion took oath from the couple that they would leave no stone unturned in raising the child like their own biological child and would invest for her education and all the needs for life.

The couple assured him that they would do their best and would raise her like their own child.

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