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November 3, 2013

Chhipa Press Release

Chhipa Press Release

Ref: CWA/HO-306

Social worker Ramzan Chhipa said that we lived in an era of advanced learning and information technology and the students wish to study medicine, engineering, law and IT for becoming doctors, engineers and lawyers, which was their right but none is seen with a wish to devote his life for the service to the humanity especially the indigent people. This typical situation might lead to reach a level where the number of indigent people’s number would reach at an irreversible apex while there would be no helping hand available.

He expressed these views in a lecture on social services to an assembly of the students of faculties of social sciences at the Shaheed Zulfiquar Ali Bhutto Institute of Information Technology (SZABIST) Saturday Naheed Wasi of community service also spoke.

He told the students that the service to humanity was that particular field of dealing with the humans where the substance had little importance and it was the passion that keeps the social workers engaged in the matters of service to the humanity. In fact, this passion could not be compared top any other feelings because in this particular field, one human helps the other without any interest, greed or substantial return.

He told the students that the Chhipa Welfare Association had with the passage of 3 decades, reached a level with regard to its network that it presently responding to 80 percent calls for help in the metropolis.

He said that it was observed that women in their routine life have more passion for helping the others as compared to men and hence, the female students should dig that passion out and apply it to the field of service to humanity.

In reply to different questions, Ramzan Chhipa said that the Chhipa Welfare Association is grossly engaged in various categories of service to humanity which included providing assistance to the injured, ailing and dead citizens for reaching hospitals on time through its longest fleet of ambulances, providing free meal to more than 30,000 needy citizens twice a day, striving for saving lives of the unwanted infants thrown at the dumpsters and handing them to affordable married couple as adopted child.

He told them that the Chhipa Welfare Association volunteers keep working round the clock.

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