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October 27, 2013

Chhipa Press Release

Chhipa Press Release

Ref: CWA/HO-30

Social worker Ramzan Chhipa (S.I) said children were like flowers. Flowers could not be dissected from twigs or else they would fade to death and the same is for children as they would hardly survive without parents. Chhipa Welfare ensured provisioning of most appropriate living atmosphere to the abandoned children and had so far sought a lot of caring and affectionate couple that adopted such abandoned children and owned them like they were their own biological children. Chhipa Welfare was fully determined to keep the good work.

He expressed these views while talking to the newsmen on the occasion of a ceremony for the adoption of an abandoned child at the Chhipa Welfare headquarters Friday.

The child was abandoned by the indigent parent, who could not keep the child and had handed it to the Chhipa Welfare.

The abandoned child was handed to Engineer Muhammad Imran Memon and Mrs. Tasneem Imran Memon. Mr. and Mrs. Memon could not control their feelings. On the occasion, traditional sweet was distributed among the people present at the ceremony.

While sharing details about the abandoned child, Ramzan Chhipa told the newsmen that the child was brought to Chhipa Welfare Centre located at Guru Mandir by her parents. They told that they were financially able to take care of the child while they also had some other domestic issues that caused obstacles and hence they had handed the child to Chhipa Welfare so that the child could reach in safe and financially sound hands. The child was thus handed to a married couple that had been selected as qualified for the adoption.

On the occasion, Ramzan Chhipa said appealed to the parents that they should not kill their children for any reason and should rather prefer Chhipa Welfare to take care of those children. Chhipa Welfare would ensure transfer of such children to safer hands so that they could be reared and allowed to live and play their role as valued citizens.

On the occasion, Mr. and Mrs. Memon assured Chhipa Welfare that they would leave no stone unturned for the care of the child and would ensure provisioning of the best available means required for her needs to grow up as valued and educated citizen.

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