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April 10, 2017

Chhipa owns one more unwanted child dropped in Chhipa Cradle by unidentified

Chhipa owns one more unwanted child dropped in Chhipa Cradle by unidentified

Ref: CWA/HO-316

Karachi. 10/4/2017: A new born baby was dropped in the “Chhipa Cradle” at its Chhipa Head Office, which is placed at each of Chhipa Centres across the city for the prevention of killing of an unwanted child. The doctors fully examined her and declared she was perfectly healthy and out of any danger. The new born baby thus received by Chhipa Welfare Association would be allowed to be adopted by a married couple without any child from their marriage. This process of adaptation would pass through keen observation, gathered information about the couple’s financial and moral position to be conducted by “Chhipa Advisory Board” and on recommendations of the Board, the married couple would be allowed to adopt her.

Some unidentified person had secretly dropped her in the Chhipa Cradle. On noticing, Lady Volunteers of Chhipa Welfare Association took the new born baby into their custody and placed her under intensive medical care of highly skilled professional doctors. Doctors having fully examined the new born baby declared her out of any risk of danger. The new born baby is in safe custody and care at “Chhipa New Born Home” under professionally trained female volunteers.

A good number of married couples have reached Chhipa Welfare Head Office for adopting the new born baby. A lot of married couples have also approached Chhipa Welfare through telephone for adopting the baby.

Chhipa Welfare has not yet allowed any married couple to adopt her as it would be the sole discretion of the Chhipa Advisory Board to decide about the eligible married couple on meeting stern criteria set for the adaptation of any child.

The new born baby would soon be handed over to adopting parents on meeting the required criteria of the Chhipa Advisory Board.

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