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March 31, 2013

Chhipa ensures adoption of unwanted child to safe hands

An unwanted child that was recovered from a garbage den in Quaidabad was diligently handed over to a married couple that could not reproduce a child from their marriage. The couple that adopted the unwanted child vowed to provide all best opportunities and means to the child required for acquiring education.

Soon after the unwanted child was found lying over the garbage, was shifted to a local hospital for medical care. On complete recovery, the child was handed over to the married couple, Nadeem Bilal and his spouse Tayyaba Nadeem. In this regard, a simple ceremony was held at the hospital.

On the occasion, Chhipa Welfare Association Patron-in-chief Ramzan Chhipa took oath from the couple that they would never allow the child to feel it was unwanted or was reared by the couple as step child.

He further urged the couple that they would spend as per the aspirations and needs of the child to get educated and for becoming a valuable and respected citizen of the country.

He said that Chhipa Cradle was not just a cradle to receive the unwanted child whether dropped in the Chhipa Cradles, recovered from garbage dens, back-lanes and beside the sewage drains but was a mother’s lap to care the child that lied in the cradle.

Chhipa had till date ensured transfer of countless unwanted children to the safe custody of married couple where the unwanted children were being provided with the best of everything needed for their growth and education.

He appealed to the parents of unwanted children that they should not kill their unwanted children but drop them into the Chhipa Cradle so that they could not be deprived of their right to live and grow. There were people that could not reproduce children from their marriages and wanted to adopt children from any sources especially the Chhipa.