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February 3, 2013

Arrested Indian fishermen approach Ramzan Chhipa for release

Chhipa Welfare Association (CWA) is Pakistan’s vibrant Human Rights organization and has since day one of its establishment struggled for the respect of rights of human irrespective to their cast, creed or colour. CWA would make every effort to seek freedom of the imprisoned Indian fishermen on humanitarian grounds and till then would continue supporting them morally.

CWA Patron-in-chief and eminent human rights activist “Ramzan Chhipa” expressed these views while talking to Indian fishermen, who have been arrested from Pakistan waters and were handed over to the Docks Police.
“Chhipa” arranged food and other necessary goods for the arrested Indian fishermen at the Docks Police Station at Kemari area.

The arrested Indian fishermen appealed to the CWA Chief to make efforts on fast track so that the poor fishermen could be freed and returned to their homeland as they had by mistake entered Pakistani waters.