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June 30, 2013

A volunteer of Chhipa Welfare giving the unwanted child to Ramzan Chhipa.

A volunteer of Chhipa Welfare giving the unwanted child to Ramzan Chhipa


Eminent social worker Ramzan Chhipa said that no child born in this world was an orphan but had guardians by the divine. Those children abandoned unguarded under conditions, leave the child to the custody of Chhipa Welfare for due care.

The Chhipa Palna (Cradle) proved to be a replacement of lap of a mother for such abandoned and disowned children.

Chhipa Welfare after taking such children in its custody manages to locate a family that would own such children under stern conditions that the adopting family would own the child as their own child and would take all care regarding their rearing in a promising manner.

Ramzan Chhipa expressed these views on the occasion of taking an unwanted child found dropped in the Chhipa Palna (Cradle) installed at the Chhipa Centre, Orangi Town. The unwanted child was found in critical condition and was promptly shifted to a hospital for extensive medical care. Doctors have declared the child was out of danger and was improving fast.

The child advisory board would review applications from desirous parent, who had already approached Chhipa Welfare submitting their applications for adopting a child, as they could not reproduce a child from their marriage.

Ramzan Chhipa has once again appealed to the parents of unwanted children that they should not treat them inhumanly but place them into the Chhipa Palna (Cradle) so that the Chhipa Welfare could take care of them until they are adopted by appropriate married couple.