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November 2, 2012

Ramzan Chhipa urges students of taking Service to humanity as mission

Every human was first a human then Hindu, Sikh, Jew, Christian or Muslim. Hence, the motto of LOVE THE HUMAN BEING & RESPECT THE MANKIND

Eminent human rights activist and Patron-in-Chief of the Chhipa Welfare Association (CWA) Ramzan Chhipa has said that although money was a basic means of procuring certain goods for use by humans, thus serving the humanity but it was not always the same. Besides, people should be motivated and made aware of unsubstantial contributions, as well, especially tender feelings toward the deserving section of the society. A combination of pecuniary and behavioural contributions would help serve the humanity.

This he said while delivering a lecture to the students of an eminent school in the city.

Earlier, the students had warmly welcomed CHHIPA, and the later had intermingled with them and responded to their questions and queries they had asked him. Ramzan Chhipa also offered his autographs to the students.

The theme of his lecture was “Service to Humanity in a broader perspective”, wherein he informed the students that there were millions of people in Karachi and other cities of the province of Sindh that seriously lacked basics of life and that they lived below the poverty line, suffered from unemployment, diseases, hunger and starvation while there was a serious paucity of caring hands.

Ramzan Chhipa urged the students besides staying focused on their academic activities should acquire the spirit of serving the humanity and should take the cause of service to humanity as a mission. Thus the society would be cleansed of social injustices and would turn into a prosperous and progressive one.